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  14th April, 2019
v0.88 - Ludo added to Board Games
After sitting and watching AI players play the game over and over and over again, I'm fairly confident that Ludo is now working enough to get a release.

You can Play Ludo in the Shoebox, under the Board Games section


The game is as dull as it ever was.
Up to four players take it in turns to move all four of their counters to the Home square.
You can leap onto enemy pieces to send them back to their base, and if you stand two or more pieces on a single tile, you'll block enemies from passing.
This was an alarmingly difficult game to put into place, since my board-game framework was missing a whole bunch of little elements, but a lot of those fixes/tweaks have now been added for future games and should hopefully result in things coming together a little quicker from here on.

.. Also, testing this game was slow and dull and repetitive, especially given it's mostly random gameplay!!

Anyway, should be good to go.
As always, let me know if you notice anything incorrect during the gameplay.

You can Play Ludo in the Shoebox, under the Board Games section.

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