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  15th April, 2019
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So, maybe another Board Game, to try to even things up a little more, but which board game to make?


I might start by doing some proper work on the "Additional Cards" functionality, today.

These will be useful in a number of scenarios, which use cards that aren't standard playing cards.
Object/Inventory cards, Chance/Chest cards, "Trading" cards, Power cards, that kind of thing.
Although I have a vague idea of the functionality I'd like to create, I'm also considering that there's a HUGE amount of variety I'm going to have to code into these things.
... For starters, most cards are held in portrait, but Chance/Chest cards are held in landscape, instead!! Eeek!!

So, yeah, plenty of different things that I need to consider for this part of the framework, and it should be interesting to see what I can come up with.

In addition, I should probably add any kind of AI in the Ludo games. AL is currently playing entirely randomly, and as much as that seems OK for a game as insanely random as Ludo, there are a few times where a teensy bit of planning might help out.

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