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Today's Plan..
  16th April, 2019
Spent all night thinking about the card width.
.. Ugh..

I think I know what today's plan is..


For a short while, I considered making landscape cards look more natural, and then cheating the whole thing, but if you try spinning them around, the backs aren't lining up because they're using the same backs as the standard cards.
.. Do I change that, too?
I'm really not sure what direction to take, here.

There's an awful lot of little decisions whizzing about in my head, and I'm really uncertain what's going to happen.
If I do decide to change the width of the main cards, it means having to dig through all the code, so far, and tweak it to work with the new size. But then, maybe that might be too thin to easily "grip" with stubby fingers?

So many issues, so many choices..

A long day ahead.

Step 1. Backup!!

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