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Redrawn Cards
  16th April, 2019
v0.89 - A bunch of tweaks to the size and design of the cards.
OK, I think I'm done playing with the cards, for today!!!

You can try the new cards in any of the Card Game games in the Shoebox.


For now it's only a quick image tweak, and not a full "redo all the numbers" fix, so if you're using a mouse to grab the card, you can do so about 5 pixels around the left and right edge of the card!!
I don't "think" that should cause an issue, but the fix will be worked on over the next day or so. (Maybe tonight, depending on how lazy I'm feeling )

The cards are now "Poker" sized, with the actual sprites being 183x256 pixels in size.
I've left both Bridge (165x256) and my original size (192x256) inside the engine, and will be putting a bunch of variables into place to allow for all three sizes within the engine.
I still haven't added any option menu, though, so.. For now at least, you're stuck with Poker sized cards!

In addition, I've upped the resolution on the suit-icons, and you can currently find "Testing Area" within the Extras section of the game, where you can see a preview of the "Other Cards" types of cards.

.. Kinda getting sick of staring at cards, now!!

You can See the new cards here within any of the Card Games. Or head into Extras/Testing Area to see the WIP "Other Cards" cards!

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