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Today's Plan..
  11th May, 2019
I'm still not sure on the best layout for the frontend of the Shoebox.
I do like the circular bubbly thing, but there seems to already be way too much scrolling with only 5 games in a section.
Give me a year of working with this framework, and there'll be a lot more than 5! (Hopefully!)

So, the frontend definitely needs a rethink, but I'm not really sure what kind of layout WOULD work for it all.


Over the course of today, I'll try out as many styles as I can, and see what feels right.

I'd really love to do some kind of Mock Amiga Workbench style thing, but..
A. That wouldn't really fit the whole "Shoebox" thing.
B. That would probably scare my mother!

Maybe a tabbed interface, where I have the set of 5 section buttons permanently along the bottom/side of the screen?
Then you can quickly flip between the various sections from a single screen, instead of having to keep going back to the front menu all the time.


Lots of things to think about..

Feel free to submit ideas whilst I'm playing with this!

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