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  12th May, 2019
v0.962 - Updated the main menu, to include tabs along the bottom.
There are now tabs along the bottom of the menu, when you're selecting a game, to let you quickly switch between the various sections of the site.

The icons are reused as tabs, and are drawn with their bottoms chopped off, so they look better on the screen, and don't take up a giant chunk from the bottom of the menu.

For the most-part, I've tried to make this part of the code easily tweakable, so that in future I can add extra sections. However, it might get a bit cramped if I do that, so I'll probably have to come up with a better method, later.
.. nngh..

For now, though, it's a nice little set of tabs that help a teensy tiny amount.

You can Push the buttons and toggle the tabs, here, in the menu of the Shoebox.

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