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Reducing the Swoopiness
  15th May, 2019
v0.982 - Added a Reduced Motion option in the options screen.
I asked @CraigGrannell last night if the "swoopy" menus were a bit too much for his motion sickness issues, and he replied that it was..

For me, a bit, yeah.

I thought as much when I added those Tap Swoopy things, but it's good to get a little confirmation.


Craig Grannell is a Tech/Game Journalist who appears to have pretty bad motion sickness, even from simple 2D things moving around onscreen too much. Where my motion sickness seems to be confined to 3D stuff, his is more of a parallax sort of issue.
He brought it up when I made SpikeDislike2, as that had a lot more background parallax going on.
Nowadays I like to run things by him to see if they're "Grannell Approved"

Today I'll be adding a "Reduced Motion" (or something less wordy!) button to the options screen, then going through and fixing up all the different things to account for it. I think my head's already decided on the best way to code it for all the menus and such, but whether that actually works as neatly as I'd like.. .. Guess I'll find out, soon enough!

|update| Done! |update|

That was much easier than I thought it would be.
A simple variable that multiplies all "swoopiness" by 500!
Instead of "reducing" the swoops, I've actually increased them to the point where they move so quickly, you don't even see them doing so.

I've also tweaked the various Crossword games so that they don't zoom in and out when you've got Reduced Motion switched on.
If you happen to think any other games need tweaked, as always, do be sure to let me know!

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