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Round and Round and Round
  17th May, 2019
The seeds (gems in this case) of Mancala are now managing to complete a full circle!


Yesterday, I was fairly confident that the basic mechanics were all in place, but upon stress testing the game with various "this'll probably never happen, but I'd better check it" scenarios, there were oodles of little quirks in the code.

Like how, sometimes, the "hand" would get stuck in the top-left corner, and drop all the seeds in same place, every time.
.. But only when it had more than 5 seeds left in its hand.
If it had less than 5, it'd carry on around like it was supposed to.

That one took quite a while to figure out, but it was due to me recycling the same arrays over and over for various purposes.
That's me trying to keep the memory mostly clean, but completely breaking my own code as I go!

So, dropping quirks out of the way, I'm currently in the middle of getting the "last drop position" to work. That is, doing the captures, and giving extra goes when the player "lands" in their Mancala Pot thing.. (I also need to look up the proper names for these things!)

Once that's done, I've made a simple AI that can randomly make moves, but I need to work out a more complex AI that can be more of a challenge.

Shouldn't be too long..


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