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Continuing To Go Around
  17th May, 2019
Upgrading sprite drawing routines, and continuing to work on the game Mancala, which should be ready for release, shortly.

Mancala's coming along nicely, now. I think!!

All the Landing rules seem to be working, and the game-end stuff is also functional, but AL's still not very good at the game, so a little more work on AL is needed.

But, definitely getting there!


I did have to rejig a small part of my drawing routine, so that I could draw AL backwards. (Drawing at Scale-x, instead of Scale+x)
Instead of manually mathing-up the values myself, I'm now leaving it up to Canvas's Translate/Scale stuff.
Whether that's made the drawing routine better or worse (eg, slower!!) will have to be stress tested once things are uploaded, but I *think* it's ok.
As per usual, though, that'll be on a browser-by-browser case, and I might have to disable it. It's a fairly easy switch if I do, but I'll also have to draw AL facing the other way!!

Speaking of "functions that aren't quite ready for real-world use", I've had to disable the lovely glowing sheen that I added to the gems, because Firefox apparently wasn't very good at doing Blend Modes. Bah, humbug!
Anyway, AL to do, then I should be done!

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