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Petit Switch - Session Five - Reading and Demos
24th May 2019  
I spent most of last night reading (and/or attempting to read, with Google Translate's camera function glitching and popping all the text, all over the place) through what I could find in Petit Computer's Help files.

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If you head into the projects (top right button on the main menu), hit R once to switch to Examples, then run the "BasicDemo" thing, there's TONS of little example things in there. I mean, LOADS of the things.

Even a Demo using the little camera at the end of the right JoyCon! Woot!

Using that demo-list, it seems that "TextScreen" functionality is actually what I should be using for backgrounds. Or at least, the examples all seem to be showing the tilemaps doing things, not necessarily the text.

I'll be experimenting with all these little tests, and trying to learn how best to achieve certain effects.

Hopefully I'll be making some even more awesome stuff in the future.

Keep an eye out!

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