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1st June 2019
Prepare to Flap, on Switch!

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Guide Flappy between the two sides of the screen, landing on the platforms inbetween.

If you've a Switch, and have downloaded SmileBASIC, you can grab a copy of the game using the Public Key...



The game's rules have been marginally tweaked from previous versions, with the combo timer making a comeback, and the flames being replaced with EVIL SPINNING SPIKES that fly between the two sides of the screen.

The game works reasonably well. It'd be nice if it saved highscores, but right now.. That's not happening.
Last week, I asked @notohoho if he might add a "Persist" function to handle highscores and such. No idea if that'll happen, but .. I'm waiting to find out.

But, yeah, game done!
Have at!
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