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6th July 2019
v1.0284 - Added the classic dotty game, Dots and Squares.[/highlight]

The good old game that you used to secretly play at the back of the classroom!

You can Play Dots and Squares in the Shoebox, in the One On One area.


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Join the dots in a bid to create squares on the grid.
Colour the squares by completing a square, and the winner is then the player who's managed to fill the most squares.

You'll need to lightly swipe to select playing positions. It can be a little bit fiddly on tiny screens, though.
I think I need to learn how to do gestures properly!!

What I Didn't Do

The two player mode ended up being really awkward, with players often taking each other's turns. The "Whose turn it is" needs rejigged, I think.
So, until I've figured that out, you'll just have to resort to actual pen and paper for two player mode

Since this game is traditionally played on Pen and Paper, I've often considered making some kind of Foldapuz edition, but can't quite figure out how to turn it into a quick puzzle.
If you've any thoughts on that, post 'em in the comments!

You can Play Dots and Squares in One on One section of the Shoebox.
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