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Further OUYA Possibilities
  13th July, 2019

Alan Suggests

There's always VirtualBox for a retro dev environment, although that doesn't make it easier to find the old versions of the dev kits.


Yes, if I'd already installed it in a VirtualBox then things would be perfect. I could've backed up the VBox HardDrive, and kept everything neat and tidy.
*sigh* Everything in hindsight..

As it is, however, most of the issues I have with reinstalling the OUYA-Compatible devkit will have exactly the same issues in a VBox or otherwise.

Over on my NAS, I appear to have kept hold of the last JDK installs that I used, and those *might* install as expected, but I'm not sure if these are the JDK installs from the last working version of Monkey, or whether they're part of my trials at getting my C++ Framework to run on Android!
There's a LOT of installer files strewn all over the place.

Note to Self : Organise things better!!!

Now, as much stuff as I had planned to do, today, I am instead going to attempt to sleep.
I haven't slept AT ALL, tonight/last night, wide awake due to late-night caffeine. Silly me.
So, I'll be attempting to nap, throughout the day, and not really manage to do anything productive, whatsoever!!


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