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Expanding the Archive - Part One
  13th July, 2019
You might've noticed the top-bar of Recent Games is currently (slowly!) changing.

I've decided it's probably a good idea to start adding Foldapuz and Shoebox games in, with the intention of further adding Browsercade games to the archive once that's up and running.


Today's been one heck of a busy, but incredibly boring and repetitive day.
Taking the icons from Foldapuz-Unfolded, I generated a program to generate a simplistic little logo for each.
(apologies that the logos are currently plain. There were a LOT of games to do, and I wasn't in the mood to design proper logos for each! In future, this should hopefully be less .. Rushed!!)

Logos and Icons prepared, I then had to go to every single game, and generate 2 screenshots for each, before running the games through a second script to generate the "Steam Icon", which I use for the list above.

Foldapuz complete, I moved over to Shoebox and did exactly the same, for all of the game.

As I type this, I'm midway through uploading these screenshots, icons, logos, as well as basic instructions and links to the game, into the archive.
One by one.
Slowly but surely.

It's been a very very long day!!!

Again, apologies if the result looks a little.. Um... Bland.
In future I'll have a teensy bit more time to generate better images, but .. for today, there's about 70 games to get through, and it's been dull enough!!


Update : I've added all of Foldapuz to the archive, but only one of Shoebox. That's absolutely wrecked me!! Talk about dull and repetitive work!! Aaargh!!!
I'll continue tomorrow..

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