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  14th July, 2019
Blandness has enveloped much of the site!
The complete Shoebox and Foldapuz collection are now added to the Archive, and that's how things are going to look, moving ahead.

In the coming weeks (hopefully!!) I'll be starting to add Browsercade games into the mix, too, so things should begin to get a bit more interesting to look at, but as I transition from making downloads to generating everything via Javascript, there's always going to be that bit where things get a bit .. .. Boring and web-looking!

My target for the first few Browsercade games will, then, be to try and make things as interesting to look at as I can, so that the icons and the screenshots, and even the Youtube clips, begin to look a bit more varied.

I'm now finding myself wondering if I should add the Petit Switch games into the archive, too..

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