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Shoebox - Minigolf
  10th August, 2019
v1.0363 - Added MiniGolf. Putt your way to the hole.

A nice and gentle game of MiniGolf. Putt your way around, and aim for the hole.
Bonus points can be gained, but watch out for the water!

You can Play MiniGolf in the Misc area of the Shoebox.


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What I Didn't Do

I was, at one point, going to add little mechanical obstacles, like rotating doors and swinging arms and such.
But the addition of slopes, water, and bumpers, actually made the whole thing much harder than I was expecting!

I might add an Advanced MiniGolf, later, though. Hmm..

You can Play MiniGolf in the Shoebox, under the Misc catagory.

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Shoebox , Golf , Minigolf
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