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MusicAL Day
  13th August, 2019
Yesterday I spent a good couple of hours working on a couple more XM Modules for the Browsercade.


My music over the past decade or so has all been ALChoons in MP3 format, but the switch to Browsercade, and the hope of keeping everything as small as possible, has meant having to go back in time and start using Mod files once again.

And since I hadn't made any of those since about 2011, I'm going to have to build up a whole new archive of music.

I've made a slow start with the Walking Album
If you download the complete album, you'll also find a selection of .xm files sprinkled throughout.

Things I need to do, next..
1. Find a neat way to incorporate them into the Jukebox script, so they can play alongside the normal mp3s.
2. Decide the best way to include them in the Music pages.
3. Make more of them!

I also need to think about combining them into an old-skool "Multi-Mod", because otherwise I'm going to end up with tons of tiny downloads, which all end up getting cached by the browser.

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