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Player Thoughts - General
  13th August, 2019
Blimey, General thoughts!
Usually I don't get a chance to look at the ins and outs of the general frameworks and such, once I've started using them.
But the new Javascript-based frameworks allow for realtime tweaking, and also fixing old broken things along the way, too.


So, if you've ANY thoughts about ANYTHING relating to the Browsercade/Shoebox/Foldapuz stuff, please do share, and I'll try my best to keep these sort of posts coming.


Shoebox AI:
I am really happy the way the shoebox AI are currently. If you decide to make some changes, it will be good if you can create a easy, hard mode. With new AI tagged with the hard mode and keep the old AI as easy mode.


I'll keep that in mind, going ahead.
I might end up sticking the option into the "Rules" screen, then, so that people can choose to play old or new AIs.

New cache feature:
When you provide link to a new game can you have a feature like ' https://browsercade.com/Goto/EndlessForest?force-cache-reload '' so that cache reload happens first and then page redirects to the new game.

Different goto link behaviour:
I see that browsercade goto links navigate to a main menu where I need to click on Start to go to the game menu if it is in cache already. While the shoebox of games goto link directly go to the game menu, which is good.

These two kinda go together, I think, and are part of the same "It doesn't trigger a reload" issue.
There are certain events that get triggered when a page update is found, and I need to figure out the best way to use them to reload the page.. But only at the right time!!

It's no good if you multitask away from an in-progress game, I update it, then you multitask back, only to have it suddenly pull you away from your game because it's reloading the cache.

I'll probably make it only happen when you're not ingame, and even then, ensure there's no load/save stuff going on at the same time, too.
I've half coded the stuff, but haven't yet properly implemented it due to .. well.. the above!

Additionally, the Browsercade "Goto" should open the game, but doesn't always, since sometimes the new game isn't yet updated in the cache!!
The same is true for Shoebox. The Goto only works AFTER the new stuff is in the system, so your first click won't always work.

Caching is hard!!

Old comments:
It is good that you are handling all the comments within your site as my comments on 2017 version of Cluster of Hex in disqus is gone. Not able to find it in disqus site.

Database merging, backups, server moves, and cross-platform issues.
Bah, humbug..

I kinda knew some stuff would disappear, but I honestly have no way to tell what/where they all were.
I'm somewhat glad that there's so much content in this site, that it's actually hard to track down when something's missing.
But there's missing stuff all over the place. Images, links, files, entire blog posts.

But everything is hosted by me, now.

Everything is in this one script, and a great big messy database.
And everything is backed up DAILY..

It's not a Wordpress site, and a Game Archive, and a Music Archive, and Disqus comments, and more.
It's all contained, and backed up, and .. hopefully fault free in future.

Wordpress makes many things super easy, but server moves is NOT one of them.


Update (Ooops, forgot the other comment!)

It will be good if there is a filter in the site search for ''AGAW Games'', ''ShoeboxofGames'', ''FoldPuzz'' and ''Browsercade''.

Yeah, I need to decide on the best way to organise the search menu.
It's a MESS!! But with so many different things to organise, it's bound to be

If you don't have on your browsercase redux list, please add JNKPlat2018 along with the level edit. It is one of the very best of AGAW games.

JNKPlat needs levels, and levels needs a sturdy save system.
Relying on the browser means your save files can suddenly vanish due to..
A) You buy a new system or reformat your drive.
B) You switch to a different browser.
C) Your browser decides it CBA retaining all that cache.
D) You delete your browser history.

And, frankly, any number of other issues.

The most obvious option would be to store your scores on the server.
But then that would also require logins, and then retaining all of that information.

I also then have to do updates based on "Latest Version" to the server.
Say you're logged in with your PC and your Phone.
You make a level on your phone, but your phone is offline.
Then you run the game on your desktop, but the new level isn't there, so you switch on the phone..
The phone updates to the "latest" set of save data, being the one on the server, being the one your PC just saved..
.. And that would lose your phone's data..

Complicated stuff!!!

That's something I eventually hope to tackle, but..
.. Not quite yet!

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