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Jiggity 2019
  13th August, 2019
It's 7 years since I first posted the Jiggity post, waffling on about my health, and the tumour, and all of that gubbins.
As is tradition, here's my annual health update post!

Feel free to skip by this post, it's all about my crappy health issues, and since nothing's changed, you probably know it all anyway!



My biggest issue is with balance, motion, and queasiness.
The Tumour/cyst/whatever was nestled near my Fourth Ventricle. The ventricle was squeezed into a small area by the tumour/cyst/whatever, and the doctors assumed that the ventricle would expand to refill the area, once the tumour/cyst/whatever was gone.

But it didn't.

And the Brain Goo (CSF) now freely swooshes around inside the cavity, causing all manner of balance and motion sickness issues.
Simply turning my head to glance at things is enough to cause me bouts of sickness, and if I'm standing at the time, the dizziness can be overwhelming.

Simple daily tasks, dressing, bathing, etc, are difficult, since they have to be done with as steady a head as possible. Helping out around the house is somewhat manageable, but again as long as there's little to no movement involved. .. So.. Not really much use at all, then.

I also stumble backwards fairly frequently whilst stood up, making simple tasks incredibly dangerous, so .. Sitting is safer!


Going outside is an absolute nightmare, with my stumbles and lack of head movement, causing simple dangers to escalate.
I can't glance around for obstacles (eg oncoming pedestrians/cars) without becoming off balance, then stumbling around erratically. As such, trips outdoors need to be supervised, to stop me from accidentally stumbling into the path of a bus!


Although I'm usually ok chatting with folk, if there are more than a few people to converse with, my head naturally turns between them as we chat. This causes more of the above swirliness, with the CSF rolling around in my head, and things getting more and more woozy as the conversation continues.

I usually find it easier if I find a spot in the room to focus on, then try to keep my head as fixed as I can, but then I come across as being rude for not making eye contact with people!!


A rapid downhill fall in my gaming ability!
I fully completed GTAIV, pre-tumour, and all of its wonderful add on packs, too.
.. But post-tumour, I've barely played about half an hour of GTAV.

3D sickness is fairly problematic. Mario Odyssey was a fun game until the boss fights, where Mario, the boss, and the camera are all swirling around each other in a never ending cycle. Vomit-o-rama!!
The same is true for the ARMS game on Switch, as well as many other camera-motion-based things.

I have managed to play Zelda BOTW for hours at a time, but only in Handheld mode. If I try playing it on the TV, the motion sickness kicks in after about 10 minutes of play.
I think it's something to do with turning my head as action occurs at opposite ends of the big screen, or perhaps the fact that in handheld mode, the screen can be moved around?
But I'm not quite certain if I'm honest.
All I know is that handheld works better for me.

Also, I can't fully explain how utterly cheesed off I am that Virtual Reality has FINALLY become a thing, after me waiting decades for it, but just at the point where I can no longer even attempt to play it due to my already bad motion sickness issues.



And so my life continues, sat on the couch, tapping away on a laptop.
(Note : I haven't sat at a desk since 2012, except for the few occasions when I had to update/fix the Mac)

If you ever wonder how I'm able to write so many games, it's because I'm sat here all day, with not a whole lot more to do with my time..

But I try not to let it get me down, and will continue to create happy cheery content as much as possible.

Because that's what this site is.
Fun little games, and other silly oddities.

Warning : AGameAWeek can be hazardous to your health!

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