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That Was Hard!
  16th August, 2019
Finishing off Rescue Helicopter for Petit Switch was alarmingly difficult, yesterday.


I knew I didn't want to add the rubbish gunfire stuff from the last edition, but what on earth would go in it's place?!
I struggled back and forth with about 4 or 5 ideas, before finally settling on the obvious.

A timer, and a great big meteor heading to the planet.

The game now works really well, but I really had to code like frantic munky in order to get it all done in time.


Which leaves us with the last game of the week to deal with, and it's time to get back to working on SkipBo for Shoebox.
I *think* the majority of the gameplay is working, but I'll have to record and analyse the game to be absolutely certain that AL is playing by the book!

I also need to add movement to AL's cards, since they're not just leaping from place to place. Which reminds me, I also need to do that to Checkers, too, don't I.

Right then, plenty to do.
Time to get cracking!

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