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  20th August, 2019
I woke up in the middle of the night, thirsty, so grabbed the big glass of Tango from my bedside cabinet (an old PC tower!) and gulped it down in record time, before falling back to sleep again.


This morning, I awoke, after .. *checks* 12.5 hours sleep!?!
Also, the glass of Tango was still full, so ..

A ) That's an absolutely ludicrous amount of sleep.
B ) I didn't even drink that glass of Tango..
C ) .. My dreams have now become so boring and mundane that they include me drinking a glass of Tango..!


Anyhoo, back to coding!

Today's task, grab the Switch and see about drawing that donkey, because that's the game I'd like to tackle on there, this week.
It might not be a very interesting game, but at the very least, it'll have a donkey.
.. If I can manage to draw a donkey..

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