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Amiga Day
  22nd August, 2019
Spending today playing with Amiga things.


I awoke with the intention of grabbing as many old Amiga samples and instruments as I could, so have spent the morning downloading a bunch of old CUAmiga coverdisks, along with the entire Aminet Mods folder.

Later today I'll be digging through and seeing if anything's more useable than the instrumnets I already have.

My intention is to (hopefully!) start creating larger, but more complex Multi-Mods. Mods that loop endlessly, but if you jump to the right place, they loop a completely different track.

This way, I can create lots of music without ending up with 100,000 .xm downloads whenever your browser caches the Browsercade.

So, first thing's first.
Time to go scour all the garbage I've just downloaded, and see what is or isn't going to work.

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