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16th September 2008
A while ago, I made this. Horizontal Shooter.
Fly about, shoot the bad guys, guard the good guys.
A nice enough game, lovely lines all over, but somehow lacking in something extra.

This week.. I added something extra!

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H~S : Horizontal Shooter
It's a total rewrite, in fact.

Your ship now stays firmly onscreen, there's lots more explosions, and the good guys on the left are now additional lives incase you need 'em.
Of course, if they get hit, they still blow up, so you'd better be extra careful protecting them.
As before, you use your tail to catch incoming enemy bullets to shield the little fellows.

Meanwhile, the onslaught continues, and you can splash your nice laser at the enemy using the left mouse button. Sweeeee!!!
Your weapon's temperature is on the top left, let it reach 99 and you'll have to cool it down. It's fairly rapid, though, so shouldn't take to long to do so. In fact, there's little segues between each attack wave that are nicely timed to a full cool-down. Handy!
In between waves, you'll also score extra points for each ship you've kept alive. A little like missile command, only with ships!

I tried making a tune for this game, but it became rubbishly repetitive, and dull.
So I reused the last game's tune instead. (chromag-shock_therapy23.xm) I'd originally plucked the tune from Aminet a long long while ago, and it seemed to fit.
It's still there!
I also grabbed a second tune from Aminet, (chavez-ninja.xm) and plonked that in as the Title theme. Works just as well, and appears in the video above.

I've recently (finally) upgraded to BlitzMax, so everything has a nice alpha-glowy lovelyness about it that I could never have achieved in classic Blitz. It looks great! And all thanks for that must go to Mark Sibly for having made BlitzBasic and all it's offspring.

Get it!
You can download H~S : Horizontal Shooter here.
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