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Player Thoughts : Isolation
7th September 2019  
As the game collection builds, so does the wonderful amount of feedback from users.
Let's dig deep into the mailbag and see who pops out, today!

You can Play Isolation in the Shoebox, in the One on One games.


Isolation (Shoebox of Games): Played in both ''Adjacent to Opponent'' as well as ''Anywhere'' rule.


Felt ''Adjacent to Opponent'' rule to be more enjoyable as the AI does better with this rule. The AI gives a good fight in the default rule. In the ''Anywhere'' rule the AI is not able to attack the player and sometimes does self destructive moves.

As with all Shoebox games, the AI is the downfall of this one.
I really do need to spend a bit more time working on AI's!

Have not played a game like this before.

It's new to me, too!
Over on Twitter, @Tobobobo has been playing through all the Amiga "Assassins" PD game collection disks, and posting little .gifs of the games he's finding.
A couple of days ago, he posted this .gif of the game Isolation and I simply loved it!
... And instantly stole it!!

Did not have to read any help text, the game is done very intuitively to guide the player. The ability to go diagonally helped me many times. Overall a very well designed and executed game.

The rules of the game were almost entirely pinched from a .gif, and seems incredibly easy to understand.
Even so, adding the little "move-spot" icons helped a lot.
This is something that's becoming second nature, the more of these Shoebox games I do.
Pointing out ingame, without being too "Tutorial'y", and guiding the player to make their move.
I'm learning a lot!!

Starfruit Harvest (browsercade): The previous AGAW games that I remember having fruits is in ''Pogo The Fridge'' where the fruits have escaped and shooting at the fridge.

LOL! Silly fruit
The only reason this game has fruit in it, is because I simply reused the fruit sprites from Blockman.. Which I didn't actually use in Blockman, but were sat in the spritesheet waiting to be used.
As the collection builds, you're going to be spotting an awful lot of reuse along the way!

Very much liked the tilting diving motion of the spaceship. Design of the ship with Platdude sitting outside looks great.

Another reuse, this time from "Platdude in a tube, on a rocket, going very fast"!!
I think I need to start being more imaginative with my sprites!

The ONLY new sprites in this game were the meteors, and those were generated from the JNKsg Sprite Gen.
At some point, I'm going to be able to code a script that can generate the games entirely on its own!

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