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8th September 2019  
I forgot that, this week, I also figured out a nice way to get the QWERTY keyboard to pop up for both Hangman and Triplets in the Shoebox.

There's now a little subtle [QWERTY]/[ABC] button that shows up in the top bar of the screen.
Tap that to switch between the two keyboards.

Oddly, I actually find the ABC keyboard easier to use, and that's really really odd!!


This week's Browsercade game is likely going to be a traditional "Aim and shoot, two tanks on a hill" thing.
I did a fair bit of testing on the capabilities of drawing to a canvas, then simultaneously using that as a foreground element.
It seems to be coping fairly well, and I even got pixel-precise "landscape falling" to work, too.

There's a weird bit of artifact leftover due to the way that Javascript draws lines with antialiasing no matter how much you tell it not to.
I still haven't found a way to draw crisp pixel-based lines in the thing.

But otherwise it seems like it's usable.

The only "big" issue I have, right now, is that the entire 1024x1024 area won't fit directly into the default grid[] array that I've created. I kept that small so that the save file wouldn't be too large, but .. Hmm..

Anyhoo, that's the plan.
I've got a mountain-drawing thing up and running, with explosions, and crumbling landscape and now I need only add... Um.. All of the entire game!!

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