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18th September 2019  
Idigidragon's getting a remake on Switch, this week.


Not sure why I suddenly decided on that, but the cityscape, the little rubbish looking plane, and the giant, oversized, heavily pixelated duck-dragon have all been reproduced quite neatly.

Today I'll be adding the gameplay, and .. Should be easy to achieve, I think.


I got the centre pockets of the Pool game to behave a little better, last night, and am now focusing on the ball physics.

I think I'm going to attempt to increase the precision on the collisions, as they occasionally glitch out by hitting whilst inside each other, as opposed to tapping on the outside.
It's not "too" noticeable, but it's definitely something that I'm seeing every so often.

Blimey.. This Pool thing isn't easy!

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New games every week!
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