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  1st October, 2019
A busy day, yesterday, as I managed to get most of this week's Petit Switch game done, and then started thinking about Emergency Shoebox Games again.. Just in case!


I'm currently wondering how well a version of Kee-Bo-Ard might work on the Shoebox engine. With the easy scrolling and zooming functionality of the Board Game engine, I figure it'd probably be quite easy to get the game up and running.

The hardest part would be generating decent puzzles.
I might take a couple of hours to play around with a generator, today, and see what I can come up with.

Incidentally, I also found a lovely archive of Japanese Logic Puzzles that I might be able to use to make some nice new Foldapuz games over the coming weeks. That's a very handy thing to have when I can't come up with anything.

So.. Um.. Yeah, lots of stuff going on!

Carry on Coding!

Oh, and I've got a Foldapuz game to post about, too.

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