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It Gets Worse...
  11th October, 2019
Last night I recorded footage of this week's Shoebox game.
.. Or at least, I tried.


It seems entirely random whether the Windows screen/game capture functionality wants to record audio from the browser.
Sometimes it will.
Other times it won't.
And since it's entirely random, I can't do a quick test, then record properly.
Instead, I played about 20-odd games of the game, yesterday, in the hope that "this time" it would manage to record the sound.

Over and over and over and over again.
Frustration level : 38%


So I open up VNC (remote desktop) to connect to the Mac, to use iMovie to make a slightly better video.
.. Except the Mac won't let me connect.

Well, I DID do the update the other day. Maybe it's decided not to like Windows Laptops, anymore.
So I head over to the desk, turn on the monitor, type in my login info and wait..
and wait..
.... and wait..


Five minutes before the desktop icons appeared, and at least another 10 before iMovie would load, and the system became usable.

It took about 2 minutes to drag the screen capture into iMovie, add some music, and click Render.


That's done, and it's ready for posting tomorrow.


This morning, I sit down to do my Daily Platdude Pixelart.
For the past 1744 days I've used SpriteSomething on my iPad, happily drawn a new pixelart each day. Loved using it.

This morning..
It refused to load.
Just plain crashes out, every time I click on it.


What's the best alternative? I googled for quite a while, and "The Best" appeared to be "Pixaki", which costs £24.99

So, £24.99 later, and I was left with a fairly barebones tool which doesn't appear to include any opacity-based pixel functionality, and will no doubt annoy me to death in days to come.


Having a great day.
.. How're you?

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