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Foldapuz - Snake
14th October 2019  
v1.50 - Added Snake, and rewrote the main site.

Track down the snake's location. It exists between the 1 and the higher value.
The snake winds its way through the grid, but won't ever rub against itself, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. (eg, there's always a gap around it.)

You can Print a page full of Snake here, or Play Snake in your browser, here.


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What I Didn't Do

The game is exactly as planned..

What I DID Do

I spent today completely overhauling the Foldapuz main site.
There's now a sidebar with all the games listed. Tap one to get instructions along the bottom.
Click an icon on the Sheet's Page to change that page to the currently selected game.

It should (hopefully) be a much more intuitive way to create your own layouts.

You can also now (finally!!) click the little magnifier to go directly to that page as a single page image, or click the little mobile to go directly to that page as an Unfolded browser game.


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