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30th October 2019  
I lay awake until about 2 in the morning, trying to decide what this week's Shoebox game might be.

I knew I wanted a Word game, this week, but .. What sort of game might it be?

Eventually, an idea started to form which I was happy with, so I switched off everything, rolled over, and drifted off into a gentle sleep.


5am... I stirred, for the third or fourth time that night, as the brain muscles massaged the idea, and the concept grew into a mostly formed game concept.

8am.. I gave up trying to sleep.

Note to all : Don't try to sleep with a fresh idea in mind!

So, that's today's plan sorted.
See how well I can get that idea to work, and get it ready for Saturday.

Busy day ahead!

Words, Words, Words!

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New games every week!
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