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One Day is Not Enough
3rd November 2019  
I tried my best to get a vertical scrolling shooter up and running in a day, but.. nah..

This week's Browsercade game will be held off until next week.


There's scrolling, there's a ship, there's bullets and ....
That's about it.

I'm thinking waves and patterns of enemies and tons of bullets everywhere.
I'm thinking a few power ups and maybe even a boss fight.
I'm also thinking it needs some music!
There's a lot to do, and if I'm releasing it in the morning ... well..
That's just not happening, is it!?

So, we'll make THIS a two week project, which is ironic, since this game was supposed to be a quick project to replace the other project that seemed like a two week project!!

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Time Constraints
New games every week!
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