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4th November 2019  
1. Foldapuz got done. It was a bit of a squeeze, but I pulled off another Logic game. (Pills)
I really need to come up with a new Word game for Foldapuz. It's been AGES* since I added one!


2. I got my friend's laptop repaired.
I say "repaired", but what I mean is..
The guy's laptop is a Samsung TabPro. A Windows tablet with one of those flappy foldy keyboard covers.
His issue was "something, somewhere is murdering the Hard Drive space".
The solution was "You've got 80Gb of iPhone backups on it.."
Backups Deleted.. Job done.
Now we can only hope he manages to backup the iPhone onto a more stable system, before his iPhone dies, and he loses everything!!

3. Played a lot of my Petit Switch games, and decided that Army of Flags is definitely the best of the bunch.
Played it far too much, and had some ideas for a Browsercade edition.
Would people be ok with auto-firing?

4. Shifted over to the Mac Mini, and thought "I should try recompiling SpikeDislike2, to see if it still even works, anymore."
And waited..
Oh, hey, Monkey doesn't even run anymore.
Installed the most recent Monkey and.. *phew* worked.
Compiled halfway, but needed to open XCode to compile any further.
Clicked on XCode..

.. Failed to run.
"Maybe it's those updates that MacOS wants to do.."
So, I let it do that for AN HOUR AND A HALF, and finally I was back at the desktop.

XCode still failed to run.
I've uninstalled XCode and am reinstalling it from scratch.
This will either..
A) Solve the issue or
B ) Drive me completely off the deep end.

Place your bets!
I'm currently waiting for it to download. Because it's smegging huge..

5. Uploaded this week's Foldapuz video, complete with oodles of nothing happening onscreen because I was simultaneously trying to solve the puzzle, because it's quite hard..

View on YouTube

The game's online, and will be part of tonight's default sheet, and then I'll post about it tomorrow.
I need a rest, now!

Oh, and I'm not looking forward to XCode finally running, btw, because it means I'm going to have to retrain myself in the art of figuring out the dimensions of this week's selection of required iOS Icon sizes.


* 8 weeks

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