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3rd December 2019
v1.59a - Reworked the Maze Generators (again!) and added a new WordList searching function[/highlight]
With my mind set on doing background tasks over Advent, I spent a few hours tweaking bits of Foldapuz, yesterday.


The new Maze Generation has been put into effect, and you should already have noticed it if playing the main three maze games.

Left = Old, Right = New

It's most noticeable in the standard maze game, but this new maze generator is also now part of the Alternating Maze and the Maze Club puzzles, too.
The one maze game I haven't yet upgraded is Four of Hearts.
I'll probably get around to that, today, but it requires finding loops in the maze.. .. And the maze tends not to make loops, so I'm going to have to cut a hole in the maze, somewhere!

In addition to that, I also added a wildcard anagram search to the word list.
I've had Anagrams in there since the start of Foldapuz, and Wildcard searches have always been a part of my Wordlists since way back in the original Stringy Things (2003!), but trying to get both working together has been problematic.
Yesterday I spent about an hour or so figuring out how to do that, and the result, although unseen, is part of the latest Foldapuz puzzle.

I'll be posting links and what-not for that, shortly.

So.. Yeah, it's probably not all that "creative", but it certainly was a fairly busy day, yesterday.
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