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  4th December, 2019
Handy Hint : Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get videos of games I'm about to release.

They usually appear about 12 hours before I release them, because after faffing about making the video, and uploading the video, I'm usually too tired out to actually post the game to the site, and instead leave it for the morning!


Handy Hint #2 : In order to make the video I need to record the gameplay using Chrome, and seemingly the only way I can do that, is to upload the game to the server. So by the time I've recorded the footage, the entire game is already on the server, ready to be played, even if I haven't yet posted about the game to the blog!

If you see a new Browsercade/Shoebox game on YouTube, refresh the cache for the game, and you should find the game pops up.

Edge appears to record footage, but all audio is muted.
Firefox records footage, but Firefox plays all the games a little bit slower than it should due to the odd lack of precise timing in its Javascript. (Not really sure how to fix that!)
Chrome records fine, but only if the files are on the server. If the files are on my hard drive, there are all kinds of security issues, like it not loading "secure" audio and such..

.. Anyhoo, all that is to say..

There's a new game in the Browsercade, and I'll be posting about it in a jiffy.

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