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And... We're off!!
  3rd January, 2020
OK, looks like I've started, then.


First game of the year is a PetitSwitch one.
Currently the bar of recent games is showing 4 Petit games, and I absolutely need to apologise for that.
Everything else has been resting over Xmas, yet PetitSwitch continues, and that's not very fair, since about 99% of visitors can't play them.

I'm hopeful that PetitSwitch will launch outside of Japan at SOME point this year, but in the meantime I'll keep building up the archive and you can all go crazy typing in the download codes for each and every one of them, once it launches!!

Meanwhile, I've started a new spreadsheet to record this year's progress.
It's a teensy bit empty, right now, but a few months of chaos should help fill it up a bit!
You can View it Here.
I might see about adding that link to the site, somewhere. Not sure where, though!

You'll note that in the new spreadsheet there's only one single "AGameAWeek" on a Monday. I've decided that three games a week is probably enough.
There'll be "AGameAWeek" on Monday, consisting of either a Shoebox or Browsercade title.. Not both!!
Tuesday will be Foldapuz and Thursday, PetitSwitch.
Or at least, that's the plan.
Let's see how well I stick to that, shall we!?

As always, post your thoughts, suggestions and whatever else you'd like, into the comments below, and I'll get started on the next batch of oddities!

AGameAWeek - GO!!

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