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Got an Idea?
  4th January, 2020
Yesterday I spent the day working on a new game idea list, from scratch.

For the past few years I've been working from an old idea list that slowly grew into insane levels, but it's gotten to the point where all the ideas on the list are ever so slightly samey.

So, starting from scratch, I've made a list of ideas that might work well within a new year of AGameAWeek's.

The list isn't very large, though, so if you've any ideas or concepts that you'd like to see me tackle, you can Post your ideas here.
It's just like the old Mailbag form, except it's a new Mailbag form!

There's also a Game Ideas Pool thread set up over at SoCoder, where you can leave thoughts, suggestions, and even tweak around with other people's ideas, too.

Send your ideas, and we'll see what comes of them.

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