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A game like H.E.R.O for the Atari 2600
  5th January, 2020

Michael Fernie has been posting a bunch of ideas into the new game suggestion box. Feel free to post your own!

One of his suggestions is actually a game I've been thinking about myself, for the past few weeks.


A game like H.E.R.O for the Atari 2600. Gameplay is simple but fun. Levels could be randomly created.

Way back in 2007 I actually did!
And.. It actually turned out pretty well, albeit a little glitchy in places.

You can Play Greenie - The Helecopter Hero here, with its misspelled name that I could never be bothered to fix.

A remake would hopefully end up nice and playable, and decent, all except the level editor.

But, yeah, that'd definitely be doable.

A few weeks ago, I considered doing this in Petit Switch and opened up the code for the game, and studied the level format.
It's small, but it could definitely do with being a teensy bit smaller if I intend to copy the original game's levels over to Petit Switch.
That'll require typing in the level data, and the smaller I can get that, the better.

Of course, a random level generator shouldn't be too hard, but if I'm going to do it, I'd really love the original levels to be in there, too.

This was a few weeks ago, whilst I was also working on Roland's Biscuits for the Switch, and thinking about level data and the like.

For Browsercade, it should be a much easier task, since .. There's really no complications in trying to get level data over to that!
But for Petit Switch, gotta type!!

So, yes.. This is definitely on the list.
Look forward to the results..
.. Once I can figure out how to randomly generate entire levels without making them impossible to beat!

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