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Next Game..?
7th January 2020  
Right then..
Time to start on this week's Petit Switch game.


I really enjoyed last night's new Foldapuz game, and I think that might work well as a Shoebox game, too. I'm almost tempted to try to make a Petit Switch game from it as well, but that would end up being the third "Level Grid" game in a row, so I'll probably hold off for a while.

Instead then, back to random gameplay and unexpected oddities.
The new game idea list is coming along rather nicely, so I'll probably pluck something from there.

Curiously, I don't actually have a "Petit Switch" section in the list.
There's areas for Shoebox, Browsercade, Foldapuz, and even OneTouch, but nothing for Petit Switch..
I guess that's kind of a free-for-all, and can pluck ideas from all over the place.

So, yeah, a game..

Maybe I should look into that HERO stuff.??

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New games every week!
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