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Possible Issue with Handlink Blog
12th January 2020
OK, I THOUGHT (according to comments on half-a-dozen websites) that the issue I was having with the cache was a "Leave it for 24 hours and it'll magically update" one.
I've left it for about 28 hours, and still Edge Chromium isn't updating the spritesheet for the game, thus... For me at least.. None of the sprites for Handlink are showing up.

They ARE showing up in Firefox, Chrome and iOS Safari.
So, um. If you're in the mood, give it a whirl and let me know what happens for you.

Does the handlink show up, or do you get the eerie invisible game that I'm getting?

I'm at a loss to figure out this issue, other than the "last resort" of renaming all the files, any time I need to update them.

Further discussion of this issue can be found in this thread, at SoCoder
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