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21st January 2020
v1.635 - Created the "Instructions" sheet.[/highlight]

Crikey, that's a lot of games..


Yesterday, @Michcioperz asked about me making a foldable booklet of instructions for all the games in Foldapuz.

I'd previously shrunk down the instructions with the intention of adding them to the bottom of each puzzle, but then realised that any none-english players would be stuck with english instructions in the games.

Not a good thing to have, IMO.

The maths and logic puzzles are all playable by none-english speakers, but having an odd scrawl of english text along the bottom of each puzzle would likely be offputting.
So, although I did actually work on doing that, I ultimately decided against it.

Instead, @Michcioperz's idea of just having all the instructions on one sheet seemed ideal.

The task was swiftly implemented, give I'd already previously coded half of it, and had previously done the work of writing the little instructions, so it all came together to make the little foldable booklet at the top.
If you click here, it'll update each week as I add new games.

Now I just need to figure out where to put that link in the main Foldapuz site.. Hmmm..
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