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24th January 2020
Yesterday I started work on a Shoebox game for the week.


The game seemed nice and simple. A Group, a bit like Snakes and Ladders, with buttons that would cause bad things to happen throughout the board.
A really simple premise that felt like it would be ideal.
The biggest problem, however, would be drawing the animated board onto the screen.
The normal Boardgame functionality wouldn't cope, so I'd have to draw it all by hand, and if everything's the size I'd need it to be, there's realistically no way it could all fit neatly onscreen.

I spent about 2 hours on this, but ultimately decided not to bother, and to try something else.

Something Else

I'm now working on a word game of sorts, but .. honestly, it's much more of a Foldapuz-style puzzle than Shoebox-style Wordgame.

I think I need to keep tweaking it a little more to, hopefully, turn it into something a bit more playable as a game, rather than a puzzle.

But it kinda works. I think. And it fits onto the screen better than the previous game did, so that's something!
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New games every week!
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