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24th January 2020
The word puzzle/game thing I thought was going to work has also ended up being abandoned.
The game's own logic became its downfall!


Basic Idea

Three x 5 letter words are found, and one letter removed, to make a valid 4 letter word.
"THEME" becomes "THEE" with M being leftover
"FREED" becomes "FEED" with an R leftover
"PROUD" becomes "PROD" with a U leftover.

The words plop down on the left, and on the right are the three leftover letters.
You need to pick up a leftover, drag it into one of the words, and insert it in the correct place to make a valid word.

Why It Doesn't Work

It's possible that one of the leftovers can be inserted into the "wrong" word. For example, imagine you pick up the R from FREED, and instead insert it into THEE, to make THERE. (Or THREE!)
THERE/THREE are both valid words, so should be accepted.

The word pops away, and a new word is picked, and the leftover dropped into the pile on the right.

At this point, there are two issues with the gameplay.

1. It's really blindingly obvious that the latest new leftover letter belongs to the newest four letter word.

2. It's now entirely possible that the leftovers no longer actually work properly.. Since you used the R on the wrong word, "FEED" no longer has any valid leftovers.

This concept, as nice as it is, does NOT work in an action-based game.
It works better as a "puzzle", and will likely be done as a future Foldapuz game.

That's a shame.

Aw well..

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