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27th January 2020
v0.07 - Starting the Project
Every week or so, I think about SpikeDislike.
How big it once was, and how abandoned it now is.

Going from it's hefty days back in 2011, when it actually SOLD a decent amount on iOS, to the current day where it's all been removed from the AppStore because I haven't updated it in years.

And yet, it's something I keep coming back to, and it has pretty much defined the sort of things that I've been doing for the past decade. Spike has whittled his way into becoming an alarmingly common image in a whole ton of my games, even becoming "Sprite #1" in all my Petit Switch games.

Spike has legs, even if they are sharp and pointy.


I know that I really should add SpikeDislike to one of my two Javascript Frameworks, but unfortunately it doesn't quite properly fit into either.

Shoebox is a great Touchscreen engine. Everything works via touch/mouse and it would be ideal for a SpikeDislike.
Except for one slight issue.
Everything in the Shoebox is meant to be "Physical".
It has a particular look and style about it that doesn't really suit a fast paced bouncing ball game.

Browsercade on the other hand is better suited for fast paced action, but has the disadvantage of not really being very good as far as touchscreen controls are concerned.
The touchscreen does work, but Browsercade really expects keyboard/controller input to work best.

Two opposing frameworks, neither suited?
Time to add a third wheel! was purchased about a week ago, and since then I've been chipping away at a copy of the Browsercade framework, in order to get the whole thing up and running.
The whole thing is being coded with expandability in mind, so although it will be "SpikeDislike" focused, it'll (hopefully) become a home for all of those games that need a single touch to play.
I'm aiming to reproduce most of SpikeDislike2 and might also add a separate "Challenge Mode" for those level-like rounds that SD 1 and 3 had.

Current Status

Right now I'm fiddling with the engine, trying to get it as smooth as I can.
The collision detection is working, the scoring is working, the main "Start/play/die" loop is working, the scoreboard's working...

I'm currently having a really odd issue with "Add to Home Screen" functionality. It keeps crashing when I multitask away and back. Not sure what that's all about.

So, there's quite a lot to do in order to get it all up to SpikeDislike2 levels, but for now, it's a project started.

You can Play SpikeDislike at!

(PS, The music is very temporary!)
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