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SpikeDislike2 - Back on iOS
  1st February, 2020
With the new SpikeDislike.com being in place, and me aiming to make the biggest, baddest, bestest version of SpikeDislike available, I've found myself heading back into the SpikeDislike2 folder quite a bit.


About a month or so, I tried to get it up and running on iOS, but trying to recompile a game from 2013, and get it working properly, was a bit of a nightmare!

Yesterday I opted to settle down and simply get it working properly again.
After several hours, it was uploaded to Apple, got through AppReview in incredibly speedy time, and was online before midnight.

If you've an iPhing, You can find it in the AppStore.
Search Spike Dislike, or SpikeDislike, or SpikeDislike2, because my game is so awesome that it's STILL, almost a decade later, the only result for those searches!
(Well, Sheep Goes Right will pop up, too!)

I'm not 100% sure how long it'll be there, though. It doesn't run on "Metal". I don't know how to get Monkey-X code to run on Metal.. and you just know that Apple's going to force that particular specification at some point.
Once that happens, it'll be gone for good.

In the meantime, I'll keep building up the new dot-com, and getting that as enhanced and "ultimate!" as I can make it.

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