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Steaming Ahead
  4th February, 2020
Todo list..

I have to finish off the Do game for Monday.
Today I need to start on a Petit game.
And maybe Friday or so, get a SpikeDislike mode added. Probably Basketball, as that's usually one of the first to get added.


In addition, Michael Fernie asked if I could tweak the top of the "Words Within" thing to be a crossword grid.
I almost made a start on this, last night, but it didn't seem as easy as I was thinking it would be, mostly because of scaling issues and different ratios/resolutions.

It's easy enough to say "Top half vs bottom half" when you're on a portrait mobile display, but things get a bit more squeezed if you're playing on a tablet.
I suppose I should, instead, have the "top" on the left, and the "bottom" on the right. That would probably work better in Landscape mode.


And then I have to get the crossword generator going, too, when I've only a few words to play around with. That oughta be fun!!


I still haven't figured out exactly what's going on with Homescreen-Safari bookmark apps on iOS.
They're still crashing, somewhere. I just need to track down, what I'm hoping is a small error, somewhere.
Stupid thing, not debugging for me! Grrr!!

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