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Foldapuz - Eighteen PINs
  18th February, 2020
v1.68 - Added the maths puzzle Eighteen PINs.

There are five four-digit PINs in the grid, and ten spaces left blank.
All of the numbers 0 to 9 should be placed into the grid, and once placed, the numbers of each four-digit PIN should add up to 18.

You can Print out a sheet of puzzles or alternatively Play them in your Browser


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What I Didn't Do

The crossword generator isn't particularly ideal. It's slow as anything to build them up, and I really need to optimise the way I'm doing them.

.. This is also the reason why I haven't yet added a crossword grid to the Words Within shoebox game, btw.

Also, I've been too lazy to change the music in the Foldapuz videos, lately. I really need to do that!

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Foldapuz , Maths , Logic
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