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Full Circle
  14th March, 2020
I started the day off with an idea in mind.

I created a little sprite of a bubble, and formulated some kind of a plan for a game.


Taking a cue from a suggestion by Michael Fernie, I've opted to make a Bubble Ghost style game.
I'll be trying to make it more of an endless scrolling thing, rather than a flip-screen one, since that'll be easier to manage on multiple resolutions/ratios.

So I drew a fairly decent looking bubble, then stopped as we had a visitor to the house.
We sat around and chatted about how we're all going to die from CoronaVirus, and generally had a bit of social-gathering time whilst we still can.

Later in the day, I decided to grab my GPD Win and see how it was doing.
.. It needed an update.
And then another update.
And then I needed to get Disk Cleanup to clear out all the leftover update gubbins, since the device only has 64Gb, and all the updates had left over 22Gb of garbage sat on the drive!!!

In total, it probably took about 2 hours of waiting before the device was usable, at which point I, once again, ended up having to plug it in to recharge it, because the battery was so low from all the updates/deleting that it'd become unusable again.

Ho hum..

Other than that, I spent the night watching random YouTube stuff, and padding out bits of the forthcoming Newsletter, before mostly giving up for the night.

So, basically, when all is said and done... ... .. Yesterday, I drew a circle!

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