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Away on the Island
20th March 2020  
I finally got away to the getaway island, last night.
Isle Plat looks like it might become a lovely little island, but is currently full of weeds, and other nasty things that I need to take care of.
What a lovely little island, though.

A highly recommended getaway.




The little Pizza Delivery game didn't quite turn out as exciting as I'd've liked.
The initial concept was thus..

"What if you had a game where you had to cross from one side of the screen to the other, whilst dodging all the infected Coronavirus people?"
So I started out with a nice little "guy on a bike" sprite, but liked the little sprite so much that I bumped him up in size, and then got him pedalling around an arena.
By that point, it became really obvious that dodging things would've been far too difficult, so instead I turned it into a "Get the pizzas to the homes" game.

I'm still tempted to do something with a Coronavirus/Infection avoidance mechanic, though. Maybe next week!?

Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

I've got half an idea in mind for this week's Shoebox game. Again, something that spawned from a "Games with Viruses" concept, but that bubbled around in my head so much that it really isn't anything like that anymore, at all.
It feels like it could work, but also that I might be able to expand the rules a little more.
I'm going to make a basic start on the engine, today, and then.. Maybe pull out a deck of cards, sit at the table, and see if any more ideas spring to mind along the way.

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