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Changing the Plan
29th March 2020  
Don't worry, I'm still working on the same game, it's just that the game's changed quite a bit.


I couldn't work out how to do lives and health well enough, with a completely random board.
I had it in mind that a 5 of spades would take away 5 health points, and an 8 of hearts would give you back 8.
But the sheer randomness lead to multiple instances where I first landed on a 10 of Spades, and it killed me outright!
.. Like... A LOT!

Either that or I insta-land on a King of Hearts, and become more or less immune for the rest of the game.

In the end, I've opted to remove any and all lives and health and RPG'ish elements from the game.
I'll leave that for The Quest. That can be the big RPG-based thing.

Instead, this now counts points, and I'm currently playing with the balancing to get the right feel for the points.

So far it's..
Hearts, score the number of points on the card, then have another go.
Diamonds, double points!
Spades, lose points
Clubs, everybody else gets the points!!

I'm not sure how well that last one works, though.

The game continues until all spaces have been landed on, and again, I'm trying to make it "Real World Playable" since it's fairly simple enough to play.

"Card Board" should be ready by tomorrow, I hope!

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