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OK, Now What?
28th April 2020  
I enjoyed my day off, yesterday. Got a few none-gamedev things worked out, and even started playing with paper again.

Wondering whether to bring back my old Paper Arcade crafts, expand the DVD Case images to fit properly and include a back, and maybe even some oldskool cardboard boxes and cassette inlays.
.. Yep, even when not coding, my mind is fizzling away, trying to keep itself busy and not worry about all the doom and gloom outside.


Right, today I need to make a start on a SmileBASIC game. I really want to make a falling-block sort of game, but if I did a traditional sized one (they're typically played in Portrait mode, I'd have to cram the game inside a frame, and I really don't like doing that.

But if I got the mechanics working well enough.. .I wonder if I could make it multiplayer.

Not any idea what kind of game it would be, mind. I mean, they obviously wouldn't allow me to do a straight forward Tetris clone, and there's not much point doing a Puyo since Puyo's already available on Switch. (I bought two copies of Puyo Puyo Tetris!!)

..What else, then?

I did consider doing a Munky Blocks game, but there are no Munky sound effects available in the SmileBASIC Audio library. Munky would seem odd without his regular ooks and eeks!
Maybe something vaguely like that, gameplay wise, but starting with whatever's available in the sound library..

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New games every week!
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